A is for Atheist (WIP)

ErWin SchrödingerErWin Schrödinger

I will slowly add to this project… Wikipedia has a list, and here is another list I can work from: Celebrity Atheist List. Another list: The 50 Most Brilliant Atheists Of All Time. Here is a list of “The 10 most Wanted (to debate) Atheists” (still alive)

The idea then is an alphabet portrait of atheists, which should be easy– there are so many.

An unexpected challenge to fulfilling my desire for a representative atheist alphabet: there are not many Creative Commons pictures available of atheists! Of course, the first prize and best choice would be to do a portrait in a live sitting. Sadly, some of these people, well, many, are very dead, and I don’t know any of the others personally, so cannot ask to do them 🙂 Selah.

Truth Fairy

Truth Fairy

A stands for atheist

A stands for atheist

Atheists and Agnostics

Atheists and Agnostics


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