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Fear Nothing but Extinction

Dreadnoughtus schrani land’s gigantic herbivore of near sixty tons   Related articles Dreadnoughtus: Gigantic, exceptionally complete sauropod dinosaur Researchers unveil Dreadnoughtus: A gigantic, exceptionally complete sauropod dinosaur The Earth Groaned Meet Dreadnoughtus, The ‘Astoundingly Huge’ Dinosaur Discovered In Argentina Advertisements

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So Many Daddy-Longlegses

Opi‘s short-legged cousin: Mindanao‘s Cyphos looks like a tick, but is a rare mite harvestman ( H/T on this ClawsDay to  Rare Daddy-Long-Legs Rediscovered!, by Ronald Clouse.)   Related articles Cyphos Found! Ancient daddy longlegs had an extra set of eyes … Continue reading

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